Monday, June 27, 2016

Funko Pop! Gamestop Exclusive Star Wars Rey with Rebel Pilot Helmet

Star Wars and Funko Pop! fans should be very pleased with the newest addition to hit Gamestop stores this past week. We were able to get the last Gamestop Exclusive Funko Pop! Star Wars Rey with Rebel Pilot Helmet and glad we did. 

This features Rey in the terrific scene in The Force Awakens as she is eating her meal in her home, which happens to be an AT-AT. In the scene she is wearing a Rebel Pilot helmet and captures her holding a doll. 

The packaging is great with the Star Wars Pop! box along with the newest Star Wars figures to be hitting stores. The one thing I am surprised about though is that they just named this figure Rey and not add any other additional naming with maybe Rey (Rebel Pilot Helmet).

We did have to take the Rey out of the box and get a better look at the sculpt. What a great figure indeed! I have been a huge fan of Funko Pop! and continue to love how much it has grown with new licensing continuing to roll in, but I can say the sculpts are getting even better. The details in the helmet to Rey's hair and outfit. 

We highly recommend picking up the newest exclusive with the Gamestop Rey with Rebel Pilot Helmet.

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