Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aspen Comics Preview of Jirni Volume 2 #1

JIRNI vol 2 #1 
JT Krul – Story / V Ken Marion – Art / Juan Fernandez - Colors

 Her perilous quest resumes!

Ara has returned—and has left more than her homeland behind, as her journey brings her to sea along with Boro and his band of pirates. However, what new wonders—and dangers—await Ara on their next stop? And will she be able to survive the experience? The world of Jirni explodes into uncharted territory as Ara’s epic story continues!

Preview Pages in Jirni Volume 2 #1

Creator J.T. Krul, artist V Ken Marion, and colorist Juan Fernandez are proud to present the follow-up volume to Aspen's smash hit series - JIRNI!

JIRNI vol 2 #1 is in stores August 5th, 2015!

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