Monday, June 8, 2015

Star Wars Ashigaru Samurai Stormtrooper from Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization

As Star Wars nears 40 years of existence and having Star Wars in my life from the beginning, I have seen all the films, television shows, and specials, comic books, action figures, and various merchandise. It all would start for me with the Kenner action figures and return with Hasbro bringing back the Power of the Force line. We have seen many different and unique lines come and go from Hasbro, Tomy, Micro Machines, Sideshow Collectibles, Gentle Giant Ltd., and other companies. During the years, I have collected various toys that are very original and unique that collectors may love or hate. Bandai has now joined in on the Star Wars universe with their S.H. Figuarts and my now favorite Movie Realization Star Wars Samurai line. 

The first figure to be part of the Movie Realization Samurai line was the Taoshi Samurai Darth Vader. It was first released in Japan and good news is that it will be coming to the United States later this year. People may have their own opinions on why Samurai for Star Wars? We say, "Why not?". This new line allows Star Wars fans to see the originality and creativity that we love and we are able to see how big of an influence Star Wars is throughout the world. 

The second figure to join the Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Samurai line is the Ashigaru Stormtrooper. The Ashigaru Stormtrooper was just released in Japan and we were fortunate to get our hands on them. 

The Ashigaru Stormtrooper comes in amazing packaging in a box featuring great art of the figure on the front and back. These figures are definitely made to be played with as you see on the back packaging featuring the Stormtrooper in various poses. 

We used to be strictly in package collectors, but I learned over the years that we have been missing out on the true details of the toys. This figure is one of those that people will miss out on greatly if they keep it sealed. The Stormtrooper comes with his katana, sheath, gun, and four sets of hands. Just as I was amazed once opening the Taoshi Samurai Darth Vader, I was not surprised to see how beautiful the Stormtrooper would be. 

Once getting the Stormtrooper out of the packaging, it was time to test him out with his weapons and pose-ability with his high number in articulation. The various sets of hands allow you to hold the Stormtroopers gun and katana in different ways. The details in his armor are truly unbelievable! The figure is made very well, which will allow you to pose him in different ways without having to be concerned about breaking anything. The hands are somewhat difficult to switch out at first until you get used to it.

Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Star Wars Samurai line is an amazing series of figures in the details, creativity, originality, and craftsmanship they have created in both the Taoshi Darth Vader and Ashigaru Stormtrooper. This has truly become one of my favorite Star Wars lines that I will definitely want to continue to collect as they are released. If you are a Star Wars fan or toy collector that wants to try something new, I highly recommend the line. For many people, they may feel that the price range is high, but the way this figure is made and how detailed the sculpt is, the price is very good in my opinion. Bandai has plans to continue this line with a few other figures that will include a Royal Guard and Sandtrooper. We are looking forward to see who else they plan to create.

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