Monday, April 6, 2015

WonderCon 2015: Meeting Noah of Noah Fine Art and Winning a Contest

With WonderCon 2015 now at a close, we are already missing it. WonderCon brought another great year filled with great guests, artists, creators, panels, and exhibitors. One of the artists that were in attendance was Noah of Noah Fine Art. He is an artist we have been following for a few years now because of his beautiful Disney paintings and Disney Vinylmations. At each convention we have attended, we always have to stop by Noah's booth to see what he is airbrushing and creating. Because we follow him on social media, I happened to see his Facebook page where he said he would be having a contest on Saturday, April 4th at 3pm. He mentioned that a lucky winner would win a print of his original The Kid in Me "Grab Your Crash Helmet" Deluxe Print, and the "Only" thing was the person had to sing the Spider-Man theme song. 

While walking the floor, DPaz of Angry Koala Gear mentioned it was around 2:45pm and we were walking up the aisles. It hit me that at 3:00pm, Noah was having the contest. I used to love watching the old Spider-Man series and I somewhat remembered the lyrics of the theme song, so I had to get to work to practice the words. I arrived next to Noah at 2:59pm waiting for it to hit 3:00pm and went for it. I began singing, "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider Can". At the same time, another gentleman was singing as well. It was battle time, except we both stopped at the same time forgetting the words. I got nervous and went blank, but kept trying. Noah then looks at me and says, come on I know you have the lyrics on your phone. Bingo, I called out to DPaz and said I need your phone for the lyrics. There they were and I sang it. This is something I am not known to ever do, but it was worth it. Noah said good job and mentioned I was the winner!

Noah not only hooked it up with giving me the amazing The Kid in Me "Grab Your Crash Helmet" Deluxe Print, but he also signed it and personalized it with a great message. 

Thank you Noah! We love your work and we will see you again at the next con. 

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