Monday, April 6, 2015

WonderCon 2015: Hero Complex Gallery's Killer Star Wars Proto Fett Poster Created by Craig Drake

WonderCon 2015 Anaheim has come and gone with another amazing year. We have now attended each year it has been in Anaheim and it has grown in size and attendance each time. It was definitely a great one once again getting to hang around with some of our favorite creators and meeting new artists. One of those artists we would meet for the first time would so happen by accident. While walking the floor, one poster would catch my eye and have us in awe. 

The poster we would come across would be of the Star Wars Proto Fett. What caught my eye on this poster is that I saw a few different variations on the colors and how amazing the lines were in each poster. The artist behind this beauty is Craig Drake who works for Lucasfilm and is the Senior Designer for We had to take a closer looks and glad that we did. Hero Complex Gallery were hosting the event for this release of Craig Drake's Boba Fett and Proto Fett posters that are 24" x 36". They were in an extremely limited run with Boba Fett having a run of only 70 and Proto Fett had a run of 45. Now it got even better when I saw them pull out a few Proto Fett posters that had different backgrounds as seen above and these would be 1/1. Each one stood out and I knew I had to get one. 

 Craig Drake was actually wrapping up on his signing and we caught him just in time before leaving. We chose the gold background poster, which really brought out Proto Fett. 

I do not usually buy too many posters, but this was one I could not resist. It is a thing of beauty that will go up once framed.  

Craig Drake would sign it and as you see it is 1/1.  

I did not really know Craig Drake until now owning this amazing poster. Once doing some research, I have definitely recognized his works and I will definitely continue to follow him. Awesome news in doing my research about him is seeing this official Star Wars Celebration 2015 Anaheim poster created by him. 

This has brought my excitement up even more now! We will be at Star Wars Celebration and looking forward to seeing what Craig Drake will be bringing along. had a great article about Craig Drake and his Star Wars Celebration posters, concept art, and even the Star Wars Celebration badges. 

 Hero Complex Gallery would not only have Craig Drake's Boba Fett and Proto Fett posters, but many other WonderCon exclusives prints and posters. Hero Complex Gallery will be hosting a Craig Drake Solo Show on May 22nd. 

Thank you Craig Drake and Hero Complex Gallery for such an amazing poster! See you at Star Wars Celebration. 

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