Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Visiting Randy Martinez at Star Wars Celebration VII

Over the years of attending many different conventions, we have been able to meet many amazing creators, writers, and artists. Star Wars Celebration VII would be our second celebration to attend with Star Wars Celebration IV being our first. I remember seeing much of the artwork being advertised before Star Wars Celebration IV and some of it came from Randy Martinez an artist we had to meet because of his great art work. Over these past few years, we have been able to talk to Randy Martinez and even have him as our special guest at our own booth at Comikaze Expo. We would run into him immediately long with another great friend, Denise Vasquez while they were setting up the booth. 

We would be lucky to get a glimpse of both Denise Vasquez and Randy Martinez's Custom Darth Vader Cases for the Vader Case Project. 

Randy Martinez is known for his Star Wars paintings and prints, but he has also created some amazing Marvel paintings and DC Comics paintings as well. 

Randy Martinez signing his Star Wars Celebration VII Exclusive print for the event. 

It was great seeing Randy Martinez once again! We love his amazing artwork. If you want to see more of his works, please pay him a visit on his site, http://www.randymartinez.net/.

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