Monday, April 20, 2015

Visiting Funko at Star Wars Celebration 2015 Anaheim

Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim has come to a close and I can say it was the best convention I have ever attended. It started with The Force Awakens panel to kickoff the event and ended with Rogue One. We of course were looking forward to the show exclusives and one of our very first stops was to pay a visit to the Funko Booth. 

Funko came big at Star Wars Celebration by bringing along a couple of friends with the giant Captain Rex Wacky Wobbler and the incredible jumbo Pop! C-3PO.

We got to see a first look at the new Funko x Super7 Super Shogun Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett and the Shadowtrooper. We loved the great packaging and unique style of these pieces.

Funko would bring along four exclusive Pop! figures to the show, which included E-3PO, R2-Q5, Shock Trooper, and the First to Market Unmasked Vader.

Along with the Funko x Super7 Super Shogun Fett and Shadowtrooper and four exclusive Pop! figures, we would also see four exclusive Hikari and some familiar Pop! figures along with a few great surprises returning from the Star Wars Vault. 

It was already one thing to be able to pick up the Shock Trooper, R2-Q5, E-3PO, and Unmasked Vader, but it was even bigger to pick up Greedo and Jedi Luke. 

We were able to add a couple of great surprises while visiting the Funko Booth. We saw a familiar face and had to ask Funko owner Brian Mariotti if we could take a picture.

I would mention to Brian that we loved the booth and we were looking forward to Funko Fundays. He said that he was looking forward to giving us another big show and stay tuned for what is to come.

While we were visiting the booth and sharing on Instagram, we were hit with a message to capture a picture of the C-3PO for Allison of Funko. Little did we know that she would end up sharing it on the Funko Instagram and Facebook page.

Thank you Funko for helping Star Wars Celebration 2015 for being such an amazing event with your exclusives and booth and thank you for sharing our picture. We look forward to seeing what you will be bringing to San Diego Comic Con! 

There was also one more exclusive Funko Pop! that was at Star Wars Celebration as pictured above. Toy Tokyo did have the R2-R9 exclusive available at their booth and we were fortunate to pick one up. 

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