Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Xpanded Universe Brings Kaiju, Sofubi, and Designer Toys to Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ finally has a store we have missed and been waiting for along time now. Xpanded Universe Tucson has opened their doors today for their soft opening and we could not be more excited to pay them a visit.  

I could truly see the excitement and joy that owners Mike Olivares and Teresita had in the first day of opening their shop Xpanded Universe. They are a very, incredible couple who have worked hard to create something amazing for Tucson. Thanks to Mike Olivares, Tucson has Tucson Comic Con and soon T.A.P.E. Tucson Art Press Exhibit. By opening Xpanded Universe, I was able to see his passion in what he loves in not only comics, but in art in the designer toy world and more. 

Xpanded Universe has just opened their doors today for the soft opening. They are still in the process of completing the store and their inventory. They definitely have some great toys now available from Lulubell Toy Bodega, Good for you Toys, Super7, and more. 

Xpanded Universe plans to have a big grand opening hopefully by the end of April after the new show T.A.P.E. We will definitely be there for the opening! They are currently working on Xpanded Universe originals and exclusives including their Baldlarry who will bring back the classic 80's film Critters creature to designer toy form. They have plans for more originals to come in the near future. We are very excited for their DIY workshops, which will include learning the process of molding and casting. 

If you are in Tucson, AZ or the southwest AZ, we highly recommend paying Xpanded Universe a visit. It will be the best way to learn what sofubi, kaiju, and designer toys are all about. We want to congratulate Mike Olivares, Teresita Olivares, and the Xpanded Universe for the beginning of something special for Tucson! 

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