Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Welcome to the Wildest of the WARZONES! in WEIRDWORLD #1!

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Welcome to the Wildest of the WARZONES! in WEIRDWORLD #1!

This June, the most dangerous corner of the Marvel Universe is born on Battleworld inWEIRDWORLD #1 – a brand-new entry in the Secret Wars! From the blockbuster writer who brought you Star Wars, Thor andOriginal Sin comes a series unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Jason Aaron teams with visionary artist Mike Del Mundo (All-New X-MenElektra) to take you deep inside the strangest domain of all for a Secret Wars saga that should not be missed!
It is a world of swords, sorcery and all things bizarre. A land of gods and monsters. Where perverted science and arcane magic run rampant. It is Weirdworld, the land where lost things go. Among its twisted and crazed landscapes, a lone warrior walks unaided. He is ARKON, the barbarian king. With a sword in one hand and a battle bolt in the other, he ventures through Weirdworld on a dark and savage quest. A quest to find…home.
“[Arkon] was once a great king and conqueror,” says Jason Aaron in an interview with “The lord of the warlords. A badass barbarian ruler who’s been trained to kill since birth. But when we meet him in WEIRDWORLD #1, he’s lost and alone in a land he can’t explain or understand. A world where he has to fight every day just to survive, as each bend in the road brings new horrors, new monsters, new awful ways to die or go mad. All Arkon wants is to find his way home.”

A lost man in a lost world. Struggling and clawing each day just to survive. Follow him if you dare this June as Arkon’s quest begins in WEIRDWORLD #1!
Written by JASON AARON
Art & Cover by MIKE DEL MUNDO
On Sale in JUNE!

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