Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl XLIX Reveals NBC's Heroes Reborn Teaser Trailer

Whether your team won the Superbowl XLIX last night or was even in the game, we had a great victory in seeing a very short clip of the return of NBC's Heroes with the teaser for Heroes Reborn to come later this year. We have this feeling we are looking at seeing it in the Fall 2015 during TV's new television programming.

We know it was not much, but it did the job to give us the goosebumps while watching during the Superbowl.

Funny thing is that I was just wondering what was going on with the return Heroes just recently. We shared the news from NBC just about a year now actually on the return of Heroes last February 22nd in this article.

NBC's Heroes was truly a fresh, new series that was on television in its first season. The series was very original with characters just learning they had a gift and then learning how to use that gift. All I remember was "Save the Cheerleader". The first season was phenomenal and the best thing on television at the time! Unfortunately, the second season took a turn, but was still enjoyable. The series may have been greatly affected during the Writer's Guild Strike. We were huge fans of the show and still dedicated ourselves to watching the series until the end of Season 3. Heroes was never fully complete and we hoped for the best of a return and we will later this year.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing the return of NBC's Heroes, in Heroes Reborn. Just as stated in the article we wrote last year, it was not clear if we would see familiar faces, but from the teaser we have at least one in Noah Bennett. Is the Cheerleader near by?

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