Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Iron Man Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Play Arts Kai are truly amazing reimagined action figures from Square Enix who have created many characters from Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Final Fantasy, Predator, Alien, Kingdom Hearts, Space Pirate, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and the DC Universe. The Play Arts Kai line will get that much better with the addition of Marvel joining. Who better to be the first Marvel Play Arts Kai action figure then Iron Man?

Beloved for his realistic portrayal and humanity as a character, as well as a refined character design, Iron Man is reimagined as a Variant Play Arts Kai action figure with a unique and polished look! Like a ninja with a sleek and streamlined physique, his suit incorporates not only his standard red and gold colors, but also black, to give it an even stealthier look. There are several special effect pieces included, such as the Repulsor rays from his palms, jet emissions on his feet, micro-missiles that project out of his thighs, the flaps on his back, and air brakes on his legs that open and close, so that the collector can pose the Iron Man in various action poses specific to his fighting style. Other poses that leverage the flexible joint structures, such as his flying stance and landing position iconic to Iron Man, as well as the battle-worn paint work give this figure a realistic feel that goes beyond mere collector's item! The Iron Man Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure is made of plastic and measures 11-inches tall x 4 1/3-inches wide x 2 1/3-inches long.

The Iron Man Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure will be available in June and is now up for pre-order

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