Saturday, January 10, 2015

Small Hero. Big Praise. ANT-MAN #1 is a Hit

Direct from Marvel...

Small Hero. Big Praise. ANT-MAN #1 is a Hit!

10/10 – Newsarama
“With a blockbuster movie on the way, Ant-Man #1 is the perfect jumping on point for readers looking to get to know the character.” – The Washington Post
“Get ready to be able to say you are now an Ant-Man fan.” – Comic Vine
“…with this top-notch team on board, you need to score yourself a front-row seat.” – Newsarama
“Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas set the bar for new Marvel books in 2015.” – Comic Book Therapy
“I would recommend this book to everyone.” – Comix I Read
“Ant-Man #1 is that perfect debut that manages to both introduce the character to unfamiliar readers and tell a compelling story in the course of a single issue.” –
“Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas have a hit on their hands with this one…” – Coming Up Comics
“…the perfect introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the character…” – Infinite Comix
“It's funny, emotionally engaging, and easily accessible regardless of your familiarity with the character.” – IGN
“Definitely worth picking up!” – Comics Beat

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