Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skottie Young Sinergy #5 Variant Cover from Shadowline and Image Comics

Bestselling artist Skottie Young (Rocket Raccoon, forthcoming I HATE FAIRYLAND) will lend his characteristically colorful take on Michael Avon Oeming (POWERS, THE MICE TEMPLAR) and Taki Soma’s (UNITED STATES OF MURDER, INC., Rapture) hot new paranormal series SINERGY for issue five. The Young cover depicts Jess, weapon in hand and death-to-monsters on the brain.

In SINERGY #5, Jess’ mother makes a hard choice after her suspicions are confirmed. Jess, Jesse, the hunters, and the monsters all must fight for their survival. The hunters will fight for humans, and the monsters for a natural resource that may destroy us all—sin!

SINERGY follows Jess—just your average, typical girl on her way to college with an athletic scholarship—until her first sexual experience enables her to see inter-dimensional monsters who live secretly among us and feed on “sinergy” (energies emitted by sin). Here on earth, select few redheads, or "seers" who are able to see these monsters as they truly are, are dwindling as the creatures plot out their final invasion to coincide with a rare star alignment.

"Skottie has managed to capture the fun of this series with this wonderful cover," said Oeming.

SINERGY #5 will be available on March 4 with Diamond Code JAN150709. Cover B (Young) will be available with Diamond Code JAN150710.

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