Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Skybound Announces Director and Cast for Outcast

Straight from Skybound!! : 
Hey we can talk about this now! The show version of Outcast has a director for the pilot and major roles cast! Exciting!
Up first, Adam Wingard, who directed the awesome You’re Next and The Guest will be helming the pilot! Adam is super versatile (if you’ve seen The Guest you know how many genres it tackles at once, and rather adeptly, too) and really great at suspense and atmosphere. The director of a pilot helps set the visual language for the entire run of a series, so we’re super lucky to land Adam. Adam’s on Twitter!
Next, our two main characters: Kyle Barnes and Reverend Anderson. Kyle will be played by Patrick Fugit, who’s maybe best well known as the star of Almost Famous, but has most recently been seen in David Fincher’s Gone Girl. I’m a bit of an ER fanboy so I’d also like to mention his moving stint on that show as a cancer patient. Really good stuff.
Reverend Anderson will be played by Philip Glenister. Glenister isn’t super well known in the states, but he’s the star of two GREAT British series, Life on Mars (which was adapted for US television a couple years ago) and Mad Dogs. Mad Dogs is worth hunting down if you can, trust me on that.
Also joining the pilot cast is youngster Gabriel Bateman (who you can currently see in the horror film Annabelle). Bateman will play Joshua Austin, a boy (possibly) possessed who has a connection to Kyle.
I’m super pumped about all this! I think Wingard is a really great choice to direct and really ups the game for the pilot. Fugit and Glenister are world-class and fantastic choices for the two leads. Hopefully our schedule will allow us to sneak off to the set and get some pics for you! Stay tuned!

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