Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Less Than Perfect Bootlegs Darth Feratu and Lil' Fett Contest Giveaway

While DesignerCon DCon 2014 has come to a close, we are still excited about our debut of our Less Than Perfect Bootlegs Darth Feratu and Lil' Fett. DCon would be the first show to unveil our new line that we plan to have carded with new characters in the very near future that have been casted by our own Matt Perez aka Obscure. 

We had a few sets available at DesignerCon of our Space Ice Edition. The response was terrific for our first shot of our own Bootleg figures. We actually have a few available to purchase for $25 each or $40 for the set. If you are interested, please contact us and we can sell them through Paypal. We actually are in the process of opening our online store very soon. 

Now to get to the fun part! We actually are running a contest/giveaway for our first test pulls or prototypes of our Darth Feratu and Lil' Fett. The contest is now on our Instagram @angrykoalagear and @obscureakg. The contest is very easy to enter by just 1) Following both us @angrykoalagear and @obscureakg 2) Reposting the pic below and tagging us and last 3) Hashtags #lessthanperfectbootlegs #obscureakg and #angrykoalagear. 

Because everyone is not on Instagram, we are also allowing Facebook users and Twitter followers to enter the contest for the Less Than Perfect Bootlegs Darth Feratu and Lil' Fett test pulls/prototypes. 

For Facebook users, just share and comment on the picture that we will be sharing shortly on our Facebook page and Like our page,

For Twitter users, just follow us and retweet the contest/giveaway Tweet that will be going up shortly as well. 

The contest will go through until Black Friday, November 28th and ends at 8pm (PST). The winner will be announced shortly after. 

Good luck and thank you for entering! 

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