Monday, November 10, 2014

DesignerCon 2014: Toy Art Gallery, Sofubi, Kaiju and More!

DesignerCon has continued to grow each year and the amount of not only attendees grows, so does the vendors list. We have been there for three years now and DCon has definitely become one of our top favorite cons or events to attend. One of the reasons we love DCon is because of Toy Art Gallery who always brings some of their amazing designer toys that you can not find anywhere else. The Angry Koala Gear crew has been blessed with Toy Art Gallery and the Creative Director, Gino Joukar of inviting our own Matt Perez aka Obscure of doing a few pieces at a few of their incredible Custom Toy and Art shows over the couple of years. Toy Art Gallery has their location on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. They have an amazing collection of Kaiju, Sofubi, extremely rare one offs, Kidrobot, ThreeA Toys, t-shirts, paintings, to gigantic designer toys that will blow your minds. During DCon, we had to stop at the booth to see what they brought along and they had a few great surprises with their own produced soft vinyl Sofubi Kaiju pieces including TKom's Doublethink and Kenth Toy Works Crossbone Zombie

Here are a few of legend Tim Clarke's Totims. Tim Clarke created Mattel's Boglins back in the day which we remember growing up. He helped sculpt and design the Mystics and Slaves from Dark Crystal! 

 TKom's GITD Doublethink that was an extremely rare piece for DCon. There were only 10 raffled off to purchase for the weekend. We actually scored the very last one on Sunday's drawing! We were definitely very excited. Doublethink was produced by TAG.

Kenth Toy Works Crossbone Zombie was such a great piece. This one was also produced by Toy Art Gallery. 

Here were a couple of the DesignerCon 2014 exclusive painted Crossbone Zombies from Ken Toy Works. 

 A few prototypes of pieces that will be created in the future by Toy Art Gallery.

 This piece was definitely very quite impressive!! This was definitely Kaiju at its finest. This would be the debut sneak peek of what is to come for Toy Art Gallery x Miscreation Toys Cestoda. This thing was a beast that was huge, which is why it is Mega Kaiju. This picture does not serve its size justice except in the amazing details in this piece. 

We scored big by winning the very last GITD Doublethink yesterday and having TKom sign it! 

We got an extra bonus by TKom signing and doing a Doublethink sketch on our Mega Munny. 

Toy Art Gallery was definitely one of our favorite spots for DCon this weekend. If you get a chance, pay them a visit at their location on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. 

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