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Parallel Man #1 hits stores this week

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Parallel Man #1 hits stores this week

FutureDude Entertainment announced today that the second comic book series in their product line will be hitting storesOctober 8thThis release is special as this title includes a mobile game, deck builder game, ccg animation as WELL as a traditional comic. The digital version of Parallel Man can be found on Comixology at  The animation and mobile game will be available in December.  The deck builder will be available in 2015. Parallel Man follows Nick Morgan through multiple realties that aren't as separate as people think. In fact, someone is controlling them. With art from Chris Jones (Young Justice) Parallel Man #1 (Diamond code Aug141505) is a “must buy” when it hits comic shops this Wednesday!

Founder and visionary Jeffrey Morris explains “The multi-verse we have created is so layered and nuanced that the only hope to do the story justice was to let it stradle multiple mediums. With the development of each platform, I see the multi-verse come alive and organically grow all on it's own!”
What others are saying about Parallel Man #1

 “First issues are tricky. They have more weight to pull than any other issue in a series, because they need to introduce the reader to this world and the characters in it, give you just enough plot to set the hook, and then somehow make you give a shit in only about 30 pages. First issues can be clunky, but I think Parallel Man pulled it off well. They dive right in, and by the time the issue is over, I wanted more.”
Parallel Man: Invasion America is a series that you should pick up and tell all your friends about if you like great science fiction. Even if your friends don’t read comics, this is something I think they’d definitely enjoy reading.”

About Parallel Man
Take a thrilling ride across the multiverse with Commander Nick Morgan and his doppelganger Nicholas! Commander Morgan's government, known as The Ascendancy, has attached and enslaved eleven other Earths and has its sights set on our world as their next target. Nick spent his childhood secretly learning the freedom in other Americas from his grandfather, Tobias Morgan, and struggles to fulfill the deadly goals of his leaders. Now, after stealing an advanced vehicle prototype and his A.I. companion Atlas, Nick seeks out the leaders of a former rebellion known as The Futurists (led by a parallel version of Dr. Carl Sagan) for their assistance in assembling a legendary weapon that could stop the Ascendancy forever!
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About FutureDude Entertainmenta
FutureDude Entertainment is a transmedia production company that delivers innovative and disruptive sci-fi entertainment products. We take advantage of today’s amazing creative technologies while using a thoughtful and reasoned approach similar to that of the 1960s and 70s. For more information, please visit, or visit us on Facebook

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