Monday, September 1, 2014

Star Wars Movie Realization - Samurai Darth Vader from Bandai Japan

A few months ago, Bandai Japan shared a concept figure of Samurai Darth Vader. It definitely created a buzz with how it looked and with us wondering when it would become available to order. At San Diego Comic Con, I would have to ask a Bandai staff when and if the Samurai Darth Vader would be made. He had mentioned that it was waiting on approval and that it may take about a month or so and it has definitely become a reality. 

Big Bad Toy Store now has the Bandai Japan Samurai Darth Vader available for pre-order. The figure stands 7" tall with 15 points of articulation. Samurai Darth Vader will have a Lightsaber hilt, fully extended Lightsaber, and interchangeable hands. The price is $109.99, which seems kind of pricey. It will be available for retail overseas for around $84, but to bring it to the states will have a higher price tag. The details in the Samurai Darth Vader look amazing! 

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