Monday, September 8, 2014

3D Print Star Wars Hip Hop Trooper Created by CoKreeate

We are huge fans of cosplayers, especially when we attend the Comic Conventions from Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Phoenix Comicon, Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, WonderCon, other Pop Culture conventions, and of course San Diego Comic Con. We enjoy the creativity and likeness that cosplayers put together in their costumes. Being huge Star Wars fans, we always love to see the different Troopers, Vaders, Fetts, Jedi, and Sith. Every now and then, we come across such unique and creative costumes that we have to say that was quite impressive. The Hip Hop Stormtrooper is definitely one of those cosplayers that actually caught our ears at first by the music and then we saw him. 

What could be more fitting then to combine two of our favorites, Hip Hop and Star Wars? I remember hearing some old school Hip Hop being played and getting louder and then the Hip Hop Trooper turned the corner. I had to capture a picture of him and said that is one original costume, throwing down the Adidas Stormtrooper Armor with the Classic Boom Box. We have seen him now at a few different conventions and always draws the crowd. 

Another great thing we love at Comic Cons is the creativity in new companies. We have been intrigued by the advancement of 3D Printing, which continues to get better. CoKreeate is one of those companies that does 3D Printing and they are awesome! We have seen a few great pieces get created of well known actors and artists we know. The details in the figures are unbelievable. CoKreeate would collaborate with the Hip Hop Trooper to create an amazing figure. 

First, CoKreeate would create this amazing figure for Hip Hop Trooper and then a collab would happen to want to create a limited run for people to buy for their own collections. 

CoKreeate and Hip Hop Trooper have come joined forces to create 20 3.5" figures, which will be numbered and signed by Hip Hop Trooper. Not only will 20 lucky individuals get the opportunity to own a rare piece, but they will also help raise money for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. 15% of each figure will go towards the Children's Hospital. There are still being details made on when the figures will be made available for purchase, so stay tuned. The figures will cost $60 each. 

It is creative ideas like this that we always love to see! Makes us want to grab one of these pieces. Maybe even one day, we will need to get our own figure made by CoKreeate! 

Again, stay tuned for more details of when the figures will go on sale. 

Please give CoKreeate a follow on Instagram @cokreeate and Hip Hop Trooper on Instagram @hiphoptrooper

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