Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Todd McFarlane Reveals McFarlane Toys AMC's The Walking Dead Build Block Sets at San Diego Comic Con

It is very hard to believe that 2014 marks the 20th Anniversary for McFarlane Toys and we are glad that we have been collectors from the very beginning. I still remember getting my first of many McFarlane Toys with the very first Spawn series, which had the most detailed toys I would have ever seen. Spawn Toys would definitely be a huge game changer in action figures to offer great details in toys that no one had ever seen in great sculpts, likeness, details, and uniqueness in characters. Todd McFarlane would take it further in creating many different lines in McFarlane Toys from Spawn, Dragons, Classic Horror characters, KISS figures, the Beatles, NFL, NBA, Halo, and so many other amazing action figures. Again, it is so hard to believe that it has been 20 years. 

In celebrating 20 years, Todd McFarlane would share a big announcement at San Diego Comic Con and we would be there to hear what he has planned. 

Todd McFarlane announced his new line of toys for McFarlane Toys and he would now be joining the building block toy world in his AMC's The Walking Dead Building Block Sets. 

In his success with The Walking Dead action figure series for both comic series and AMC television series, McFarlane and Robert Kirkman and AMC are going to expand in the hit series and bring this new line of toys beginning this October and can only be found at Toys R Us. The Walking Dead Building Block Sets will be released just in time for Season 5! 

Todd McFarlane was very excited in sharing this news in his new venture in creating building block toys and competing with the big boys as he put it, Lego and Mega Bloks. It was not a matter of competing, but he wants to expand on this building block model and actually cover the blocks with details. McFarlane had a great passion in sharing this news with us and you can tell he is creating something he truly believes in. 

McFarlane mentioned that Toys R Us would have exclusive The Walking Dead Building Block Sets beginning this October and in 2015, other building block sets would then be sold worldwide at other retailers.

McFarlane wants to make the building block sets for the older crowd. He said that the other companies target more of a younger crowd and he wants to be able to target an older group. He wants to make his building block sets like the old train sets that people would have in their homes, where it was not only about the train, but also the sceneries that people created for their train sets. The details were truly quite impressive in the sets that were on display including the Governor's Room. The Governor is sitting in the room surrounded by the fish tanks filled with the Walker heads. The floors, walls, accessories, and even the lamp were incredibly detailed to make them lifelike. 

 How cool is this? The fish tanks even had a light to give even more details in the set. 

 The Prison Tower and Gate were also on display. Another reason why McFarlane Toys shows why they have been around for 20 years in their incredible products. 

 McFarlane wants to have the building sets offered along with smaller sets that will include parts that can expand to make a larger prison like set such as a small fence with barb wire or other features. He hopes to eventually continue adding sets, which can hopefully lead to building the entire prison even up to the cell blocks. His excitement was infectious and made me thrilled and ready to buy my sets to build in the near future. 

 What are building block sets without figures? There are big plans to offer all the main characters along with many Walkers. There will be blind bags for the figures, which will include small accessories for the sets. McFarlane mentioned that he will make it easy for people to decide whether they want the humans or Walkers by adding a symbol on the package to let the buyer know he/she is purchasing a human or Walker character. 

Yes, Walking Dead fans, there will be a Daryl with Chopper set just in case you may have been concerned. 

 I really love the packaging. It kind of has a retro feel to it with the colors and the layout. 

Here is some video footage we got during Todd McFarlane's announcements about The Walking Dead Building Block Sets.

We did ask Todd McFarlane if there were plans in doing other building block sets, such as a comic series for The Walking Dead and he does want to, but has to see how the public welcomes the new line. He wants to build a Dragon, big Dragon set!! He even mentioned wanting to create Robot building sets. We do certainly hope this line is successful because McFarlane has been a great part in our toy collection over these last twenty years.

We definitely will be staying up to date in the news for McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Building Block Sets. 

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