Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jakks Pacific Star Wars Jumbo Action Figures Including Original Trilogy and Rebels

Bigger is Better!! 

We were born in the 3 3/4" action figure world of Star Wars and G.I. Joe and then following with a larger scale of Masters of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While technology has greatly improved from the late 70's and 80's action figures with greater details and much more articulation in action figures, the size of action figures has grown as well. I remember 12" figures pretty much being the largest toys until every now and then seeing a larger toy such as that Voltron or Transformer. In these last few years, we have seen the toy world take it to another level in size.

Jakks Pacific has joined in on the fun of bringing a new line of Star Wars action figures. They first introduced their 31" Darth Vader last year and we loved it. I was concerned at first that the size would take away in the details, but they did a tremendous job in the likeness in Vader from his shiny black helmet all the way down to his shiny boots. They would then add a few Clone Troopers that were available at various retail stores. The only flaw in such a beast of a toy is that the articulation is limited, but I guess it brings back the memories of how the original Star Wars figures were anyways. 

With the success of Jakks Pacific Darth Vader and Clone Troopers, they are creating a great line of figures to come with more of the Original Trilogy characters and the new Disney Star Wars Rebels show. 

Originally, the 31" Darth Vader Deluxe with Sounds and Lightsaber was available as a Costco exclusive last year, but now available in retail. 

Jakks Pacific has now created a Star Wars 31" Stormtrooper that will be available later this year and now available for preorder. 

Jakks Pacific is continuing in their Star Wars jumbo figures line with a smaller scale in 20" action figures. The first in the original trilogy will be a Star Wars Classic 20" Scout Trooper and Chewbacca that are available for preorder now. 

Jakks Pacific will also be bringing it big in Disney's Star Wars Rebels with a line of 31" and 20" action figures. The first figure that was introduced was the Star Wars Rebels 31" Inquisitor

The Star Wars Rebels jumbo line will continue with a case of 20" figures that will include Ezra, Kanan, and a Tie Fighter Pilot

We are very excited what Jakks Pacific has created in these Star Wars jumbo figures! Our Darth Vader stands tall next to his tiny Star Wars action figure counter parts. If you were at San Diego Comic Con as we were, we hope you went to the Lucasfilm Star Wars Pavilion where Jakks Pacific had a few of their figures on display and definitely have us ready to add to the collection including a Luke and Han in Stormtrooper disguise with removable helmets that are going to be Toys R Us exclusives. 

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