Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SDCC 2014: Funko Pop! Asia has Begun at San Diego Comic Con!

Funko has definitely become one of the hot spots for San Diego Comic Con and the Pop! figures were throughout the show floor not only as exclusives, but many booths selling regular Funko Pop! figures. Besides Funko selling the majority of the SDCC Funko Pop! exclusives, Fugitive Toys had its run of great pieces, Toy Tokyo, and Blizzard Entertainment would add a few exclusives to that list. Funko would have the Funko Funatics running all over the exhibit hall all weekend. Right before 2014 San Diego Comic Con, Funko would release a press released mentioning a new collaboration with Mindstyle to create Pop! Asia. 

Once learning of this news, we had to pay a visit to the Mindstyle booth. We already knew they were going to have the Bangkok Comic Con exclusive Funko Pop! Marvel Dr. Doom (Metallic) and the Funko Pop! Army of Darkness Deadite (GITD), but we were in shock and amazed what we would see once coming to their booth. We would definitely see a great beginning to Funko Pop! Asia. 

 Ron English would have his GITD Cap'n Cornstarch and Mindstyle would bring a few of the Bangkok Comic Con exclusives along including the Freddy Funko Pop! Asia resin bobble-head. 

Dr. Doom (Metallic), Bangkok Comic Con Funko Pop! Hanuman and SDCC Pop! Asia Monkey King

SDCC Exclusive Funko x Mindstyle Pop! Asia Monkey King (Black and Gold) series.

SDCC Funko x Mindstyle Pop! Asia Omamori Dolls (Black and Gold) series exclusives. 

SDCC Funko x Mindstyle Funko Hikari Jiangshi Hopping Ghosts Sofubi figure.

SDCC Funko x Mindstyle Pop! Aloha Plate exclusive set. 

SDCC Funko x Mindstyle Funko Pop! Asia Three Kingdoms Guan Yu (black and gold) series exclusive, Dr. Doom (Metallic), and Army of Darkness Deadite (GITD). 

Mindstyle has teamed up to not only bring Pop! Asia, but they also are helping to create the new Hikari Sofubi figure line in a big way. Here we got to see the Creature of the Black Lagoon for the first time along with their own Freddy Funko Creature of the Black Lagoon. 

Here is the introduction of various colorways of the Hikari Jiangshi Hopping Ghosts.

Hikari Skeletor Sofubi vinyl figures.

Hikari Spider-Man Sofubi figures would be introduced and they were actually larger than the other Hikari lines. 

Is Hikari Astroboy coming? 

A few more colorways for the Hikari Spider-Man.

Omamori Dolls (regular)

Funko Pop! Asia Three Kingdoms

Hikari Gold Transformers

Funko Pop! Asia Monkey King regular series.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Hikari figures?

Mindstyle definitely had one of our favorite surprises for 2014 SDCC with the release and beginning of the Funko Pop! Asia line. We are really looking forward to seeing what is to come. 

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