Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystery Funko Pop! #58 Has Been Unveiled ... DC Universe White Lantern???

Fugitive Toys has a line of amazing San Diego Comic Con 2014 exclusives that will be available, which include DC Universe White Lantern Flash, White Lantern Superman,  and Ghostbusters Angry Pink Marshmallow Man. Fugitive Toys offered an amazing pre-order for Funko fans to purchase their SDCC 2014 exclusives along with a bonus mystery Funko Pop! only known as Pop! #58. The set went up on Wednesday, July 9th after midnight and created a craze where it sold out in minutes. That morning when people would wake up would learn that the set was already sold and sold out causing anger. Fugitive Toys would bring it back though a couple more times where others would get the chance to purchase this special bundle set that would include the "Mystery" Pop! #58. 

We all knew that #58 was going to definitely be a figure from the DC Universe, specifically a White Lantern since #57 and #59 were actually White Lantern Flash and White Lantern Superman. The story behind #58 is that it is actually a Fugitive Toys Toronto Comicon (Fan Expo Canada) Funko exclusive. The event is not until August 28 - August 31st. Since it is over a month away, it would be too early to unveil the identity of this piece. Well thanks to a website, they may have leaked the information too early on this Mystery Pop! #58 and it was not coming from Fugitive Toys. 

Funko Pop! DC Comics Super Heroes White Lantern Batman is the mystery #58.  

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