Friday, July 11, 2014

Ink Bombers Presents Cereal Killers Art Show featuring Angry Koala Gear's Own Matt Perez aka Obscure

The Ink Bombers Presents their Cereal Killers Artshow tomorrow evening, Saturday July 12th from 6:00pm - 10:30pm. The Ink Bombers is part of a Movement that consists of creating art in any shape or form. Their art is from tattoo art, graffiti, graphic design, web design, to custom and designer toys. They have created a few art shows and their newest is the Cereal Killers Art Show. 

The Cereal Killers Art Show definitely has an amazing lists of artists that will have pieces in the show tomorrow night. One of those artists is Matt Perez aka Obscure of Angry Koala Gear. He has created two pieces for the show. 

Painting: "Summer of Sam... the Toucan" 
Size: 12"x12" 
Materials:  Acrylic paint on canvas
Price: $125 

Toy: "Psycho Buzz"
Size: 6"x 3"x 3"
Materials: Kidrobot Mini Munny, clay, wire, acrylic paints 
Price: $80

Backstory for Psycho Buzz
Buzz always loved children.  He's been a cereal icon for decades.  But one day, he was captured by a cruel little boy.  The boy ripped off his wings and one of his arms.  He then threw Buzz.  Buzz hit the ground with force.  As he rolled into a tree, his antennae got bent.  When his antennae were damaged, his mind became bent as well.  Bent with rage.  He has one stinger and one chance to unleash his revenge on his attacker.  

Obscure has come through once again in creating two amazing pieces for Ink Bombers Cereal Killers Art Show. Both of painting and toy will be available tomorrow at the event along with the many other artists pieces. To learn more about the Ink Bombers and the Cereal Killers Art Show, you can like their Facebook, Ink Bombers and follow them on Instagram @ink_bombers.  

To also learn more about Matt Perez aka Obscure and his works you can like his Instagram @obscureakg and our Instagram @angrykoalagear

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