Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Image Comics Rat Queens Animated TV Series by Pukeko Pictures

 Pukeko Pictures are getting a very cool and exciting project off the ground.

Rat Queens is a series of dark, twisted and hilarious comic books, created by author Kurtis Weibe and illustrator Roc Upchurch, with legions of followers around the world.

The stories revolve around Hannah the Rockabilly elven mage, Violet the hipster dwarven fighter, Dee the atheist human cleric and Betty the hippy halfling thief — all beer-guzzling monster fighters in their home town!

And Pukeko Pictures are teaming up with Heavy Metal Entertainment to turn it into an Animated TV Series!

These are very early days, but we CAN'T WAIT to see the results. And we will be sharing exclusive updates with you as soon as we can!

Pukeko’s Martin Baynton and Adam Fratto will serve as executive producers on the project, with Heavy Metal’s Jeff Krelitz, David Boxenbaum and Rob Prior as co-executive producers.

Pukeko is also behind a reboot of children’s series “Thunderbirds,” which it is co-producing with ITV Studios.

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