Monday, July 7, 2014

IDW Publishing x ThreeA Toys Paschaborg 001 Exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2014

The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha - Paschaborg 001 IDW Publishing SDCC 2014 exclusive. 

We first shared the news from ThreeA Toys and IDW Publishing that there was to be an exclusive coming. 

"If I can't play with the real thing, I'll make my own. - Count Kriegstein"

ThreeA Toys has just shared the packaging for the IDW Publishing x ThreeA Toys The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha: Paschaborg 001 SDCC exclusive. 

IDW Publishing has not announced all of their SDCC 2014 just yet and we still need to learn how much the Paschaborg 001 will cost and how many may be released. 

Stay tuned for more details! 

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