Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting to Know Funko's Allison Nehls and Getting Prepped for SDCC

While we are "Gearing" up for San Diego Comic Con, we wanted to try to catch up with Funko's own Allison Nehls, the Marketing Coordinator, extraordinaire. We are very excited for SDCC 2014, and Funko has become on the top of our annual SDCC stops. 

We asked Allison Nehls a few questions about herself and what we can expect at San Diego Comic Con and Funko Fundays. 

1) Allison, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your title at Funko, and how you actually got involved with being part of the Funko family?

My title is Marketing Coordinator. I take care of all things marketing, public relations, and social media for Funko. I started working at Funko last year after applying directly with the company.

2) Are you a fan yourself of Funko?

Yes! I actually collected Pop!'s before I worked for Funko. I still collect Pop!'s and other Funko lines.

3) What is your favorite line in Funko? Do you have your favorite piece?

The Pop!'s are definitely my favorite. Fabrikations is a close second for me. I'm really excited about that line and I can't wait to see all the new pieces that come from it. I also really like our Hikari Sofubi Figures. They have the coolest color combinations and the process of how they are made is really neat! If I had to pick favorites: Original Maleficent Pop!, Marvel Beast Pop!, Darkseid Pop!, Slimer Pop! and a new Fabrikations piece that we haven't revealed quite yet :)

4) Funko has continued to bring it big at San Diego Comic Con with the booth becoming larger each year, and the excitement of Fundays growing as well. What can we expect different at SDCC and Fundays? Can you give us a little hint?

This year we are bringing 86 exclusives counting all the new Mystery Minis! This is my first year being part of Funko's SDCC plans and it's been really exciting for me! I can't reveal any secrets, but SDCC and Fundays are both shaping up to be awesome! We are really excited for Funko fans to experience it all.

We want to thank Allison for taking the time to chat with us, especially with her busy schedule of getting ready for SDCC. We are looking forward to seeing what Funko will have this year and definitely looking forward to Funko Fundays this Friday! 

What San Diego Comic Con Funko Exclusives are you looking forward to most? 

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