Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fugitive Toys SDCC 2014 Funko Pop! Exclusives

Fugitive Toys has been great in releasing amazing Funko Pop! convention exclusives at many shows, especially in the DC Universe. Last month they shared their Funko Pop! SDCC 2014 Exclusives that would be released at San Diego Comic Con 2014. Fugitive Toys actually put them up on their site for people to pre-order, but the site could not handle the craze of everyone wanting to purchase them at the same time causing them to be sold at a later date. 

Fugitive Toys actually created a special bundle set which would include their DC Universe White Lantern Flash, White Lantern Superman, Ghostbusters Angry Pink Marshmallow Man, their more limited run of Glow in the Dark White Lantern Flash, Glow in the Dark White Lantern Superman, Glow in the Dark Angry Pink Marshmallow Man, and a bonus DC Universe #58 mystery vinyl figure yet to be named for another convention. The set was released yesterday which created a huge buzz once again causing mayhem for people to hope to pick up this bundle pack with the mystery #58. The set did go up shortly after midnight, July 9th and would last for about ten minutes. Luckily, we did stay up and did manage to score one set that we look forward to reviewing once we receive it. 

Because the set was not set for a scheduled time on Wednesday, July 9th, many Funko fans, addicts, Funatics, and collectors alike were upset to learn the set was released when they were fast asleep. Fugitive Toys would come through to the fans though and release a few more sets after 9am (PT) and sell out once again minutes later. Funko Pop! fans are definitely gearing up for the excitement of San Diego Comic Con 2014 as we are. 

There is good news for those that missed out on the special bundle set that we released yesterday. On Friday, July 11th, Fugitive Toys will be selling bundle sets that will include everything above minus that bonus mystery DC Universe #58 figure and they will also be selling each figure individually for those Funko fans only going for that specific figure. We are looking forward to seeing the craze once again. Everyone needs to be prepared though because Fugitive Toys has not released a specific time, so who know if it will go up on sale at midnight once again. Everyone should also keep in mind that Fugitive Toys is in California, so they may be going by Pacific Time. 

Good luck everyone!

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