Monday, July 21, 2014

Complete List of San Diego Comic Con 2014 Funko Exclusives

Well, here we are with just two more days to go until San Diego Comic Con! Are you getting as excited as we are and setting up your schedules and game plans of where to go first? One of our stops will definitely be the Funko Booth #5343. Funko has announced to have 86 SDCC exclusives, plus other Funko exclusives at various booths throughout the Exhibit Hall. 

We are going to try our best at giving you the most extensive list of SDCC 2014 exclusives. 

 Funko is offering 86 items including 36 Mystery Mini Exclusives, 2 Legacy Collection Exclusives, 8 ReAction Figure Exclusives, 28 Pop! Exclusives including a 6” Pop! Exclusive and 6 Pop! Set Exclusives, 2 Vinyl Figure Exclusives, and 3 Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure Exclusives!

Booth #5343

SpongeBob SquarePants meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to make an totally tubular mashup!

TMNT SpongeBob SquarePants and Shredder Plankton are the first Pop! pair to come in a radical collectible lunchbox tin!

It looks like Hannibal Lecter found himself in a bloody situation...
This Disney Mystery Minis set comes with SDCC Exclusive characters, sculpt, and paints!
Each character has a 1/12 rarity, so each set will come with one of each character!


Firefly fans rejoice! 

Jayne Cobb and Malcolm Reynolds will be available with their most classic accessories!

This Tyrion Lannister Legacy Figure is ready for battle with his axe and helmet!

This Jack Skellington ReAction Figure comes with a special ghostly companion!
It looks like Billy has been up to no good again! What a mess!
Sloth is wearing his special Superman shirt just for SDCC!
ReAction Figure Sloth is ready for SDCC with a Superman shirt too!

These purple Minions are despicably adorable

BMO is camera!
and now he glows!
Your favorite Adventure Time characters are back and better than ever! They glow in the dark!

Looks like Vincent and Jules have brought out the big guns... Check out that blood splatter!

 Luke freed himself from the Wampa!
The Wampa had to lose an arm in the struggle, but don't worry...
We've included it in the packaging of this Pop! set for safe keeping.
 It looks like The Chosen One has been slaying quite a few vampires!
An Invisible Predator can't even hide a green blood splatter!

 Fred & Barney come in a Prehistoric Pop! 2 pack
...and in THREE different colorways!

Did something go wrong in the lab? Walt is GLOWING!
Looks like Jesse could use some ice!

We know Comic Con is exciting, but don't lose your head over it, Hershel!
This Hershel figure has a removable head!
We didn't want the White Walkers to sneak up on you... so we made them glow!

DJ Pon-3 and Spitfire like you've never seen them before!
Some more cuteness to add to your My Little Pony collection!

The Rocket Raccoon Pop! has gone flocked!
So fuzzy!
The Mystery Minis set will feature twelve special edition characters with new paints and sculpts!
The rarity is 1/12!
Olaf is burning with a glow!
Hopefully he doesn't melt before San Diego Comic-Con!

We caught Elsa in the middle of a freezing transition!
Brr! Anna is Frozen!

I'm sure the anticipation is killing you...

Sharknado, you've got a little something on your face.
We're honoring the deceased with an all new Game of Thrones Mystery Mini Series!
These characters "In Memoriam" are black and white!
Those red eyes are intimidating, but this flocked Ghost Pop! is too cute not to love!
ThunderCats Ho! 
Lord of the ThunderCats, Lion-o is flocked!
Speaking of ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra is glowing more powerful than ever!

We have a serious amount of exclusives featuring your favorite parapsychology professors!

 Dr. Peter Venkman got SLIMED by Metallic Slimer!

 It looks like the crew got in Stay Puft's way!

 Speaking of Stay Puft... this one GLOWS IN THE DARK!

 How about a GLOW IN THE DARK SLIMER?! His ectoplasmic ooze is looking a little crazy..
Last but not least...
Take flight with the Black and White Rocketeer!
The Rocketeer comes equipped with a removable helmet and jetpack for his adventures in flight!

Looks like Vincent has gotten himself in a little trouble!
His partner in crime, Jules, isn't looking too innocent either!
This Huckleberry Hound Pop! is so cute, it'll get you singing "Oh My Darling, Clementine" in no time!

This soldier is little, but he's one heck of a fighter!

Hikari Mean & Green Raphael Sofubi

Hikari Ice Freeze Batman Sofubi

Hikari Red Rain Batman Sofubi

Toy Tokyo Exclusives 
(Available at the Funko Booth)
Hikari Tie Dye Leonardo Sofubi

Hikari Antique Classic Skeletor Sofubi

Hikari Sunrise Batman Sofubi

Pop! Gold Batmobile with Red and Blue Batman

Funko exclusives will not only be found at the Funko booth, but quite a few other booths will also be carrying some pretty amazing pieces. 

Diamond Previews Exclusive 
(Available at Entertainment Earth, Action Figure Xpress, Toy Tokyo)

Deathstroke (Unmasked)

Fugitive Toys
 Booth #601

Glow in the Dark Angry Pink Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Angry Pink Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

White Lantern Superman
 White Lantern Flash
 Glow in the Dark White Lantern Flash
 Glow in the Dark White Lantern Superman

Blizzard Entertainment
 Booth #115

Primal Kerrigan

Booth #4113

Hikari Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sofubi Michelangelo

We do hope we have helped to provide the most extensive list available to all the Funko fans in search of those San Diego Comic Con 2014 exclusives that will be found throughout the exhibit hall. 

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