Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Obscure of Angry Koala Gear Day of the Dead Micro Munny Series

Matt Perez aka Obscure of Angry Koala Gear has a Day of the Dead micro series set to release real soon. He has created 7 micro Munnys of varying color schemes and one micro Trikky.

Each of the Day of the Dead micro Munnys and Trikky will be $50, which includes shipping (add $5 for international shipping). They will be sold blind, directly. Obscure can be contacted directly to coordinate payment.

 Once all are sold, he will make an announcement on Instagram and Facebook. So it is important to follow him and us if not already. Matt Perez aka Obscure Instagram is @obscureakg and our Instagram is @angrykoalagear. Anyone interested in purchasing one or more of these, may contact him directly at 

 The release is set for Saturday, July 5, 2014. No particular time has been set. First come, first served.

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