Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kidrobot Box of Boom May 2014 Release

Kidrobot recently had a very special super limited sale, Box of Boom that was limited to only 50. We have been fans of the mystery grab bags since we collected baseball cards back in the late 80's and loved the thrill of seeing what would be inside. The Kidrobot Box of Boom is in the same lines and it was like an early Christmas present to see what surprises we would get inside. Kidrobot mentioned that there would be a possibility to get an unreleased, sold out item and we received just that with a Surprise Andrew Bell Lemon Drop Dunny.

The Kidrobot x Andrew Bell Lemon Drop Dunny was just the beginning of what we would find in our Box of Boom.

We were able to score all of these blind boxes which included South Park, Family Guy, Marvel, Frank Kozik, Mardivale series, Futurama, and more.

We also would score three of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ooze Action GITD figures, including Donatello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo.

 Kozik 7" Marvel Deadpool Labbit

4" DIY Munny that includes wipe-off markers

South Park The Stick of Truth "The Grand Wizard" Cartman

Mardivale Dunny Series "Skeleton" by Scribe

Kidrobot Red 3" Special Edition by Keith Haring

In our Futurama Series 2 box, we scored the Hyper Chicken 1/80! 

Overall, our Box of Boom from Kidrobot was definitely filled with lots of goodness! We really enjoyed opening the box overall and then having to continue to open the blind boxes. With a limit of only 50, we are sure people received some amazing surprises and look forward to seeing what they scored. This is our first participation in the Box of Boom and it will not be our last. 

Thank you Kidrobot!! 

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