Monday, April 7, 2014

Evel Fett "Red Star" Edition from Retro Outlaw and 3D Retro

3D Retro and Retro Outlaw teamed up to create a very impressive vinyl figure, Evel Fett. Evel Fett is a combination of the famous Star Wars Bounty Hunter Boba Fett and Evil Knievel. The original release of Evel Fett came out at San Diego Comic Con last year.

As pictured in the box, the original Evel Fett was Red, White and Blue. There was a very a rare Black and White version limited to only 50 pieces. Of course, there was a release of a "Boba Fett" edition with his famous Star Wars colors.

The packaging for the Evel Fett is amazing! We love the "Retro" style feel to it. I guess it would make sense being made by Retro Outlaw and 3D Retro Toys. The packaging alone serves as a great display piece from all around the box.

As stated above, there were a few versions of Evel Fett. We happen to have the Evel Fett "Red Star" edition, which is limited to only 100 pieces. We are huge Star Wars fans and grew up with the Original Trilogy and Kenner Star Wars figures. The figures back then had only a few points of articulation. The figures have improved to a few more points of articulation and greater detail. If you are expecting Evel Fett to be an action figure, you are not going to be getting that here since he does not have any articulation. He of course was not made to be one, but to be one heck of an awesome Collector's piece and conversation piece.

Overall, we love this figure and 3D Retro and Retro Outlaw came through to create an amazing piece in Evel Fett from the figure to the very impressive packaging. Star Wars and Evil Knievel fans get the best of both worlds in this vinyl figure.

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