Monday, March 10, 2014

Geof Darrow's Shaolin Cowboy (King Crab Edition) Vinyl Figure Review

The Angry Koala Gear crew are big fans of comics, toys, movies and TV, and art. We have seen many comics come and go. We have seen many comics that have gained so much popularity that they have been made into movies and action figures. Many of their creators from their writers to artists have helped to bring a uniqueness to their series. One of those creators who would bring a style of his own is Geof Darrow. Geof Darrow helped to create the award winning Hard Boiled series with Frank Miller, The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot with Frank Miller again, and his amazing series Shaolin Cowboy. 

Geof Darrow's Shaolin Cowboy is currently an ongoing series from Dark Horse Comics. The Shaolin Cowboy has been battling the undead in a most epic series. 

Being huge fans of comics and toys, what could be better than to add the Shaolin Cowboy vinyl figure to the collection. We saw the 14" Shaolin Cowboy vinyl figure from Wednesdays Finest Geof Darrow's booth at San Diego Comic Con. We wanted it then, but unfortunately did not buy it. We are glad we waited because there happened to be an extremely limited run of only 10 in a Special Edition Shaolin Cowboy (King Crab edition), which also came signed and with a Geof Darrow sketch. 

The box is amazing in itself filled with Geof Darrow's awesomeness of Shaolin Cowboy art around the box. He also signed it! 

The packaging to the King Crab Shaolin Cowboy is the same box as you get from Wednesday's Finest. It would be time to open the box and see the 14" Shaolin Cowboy vinyl figure. 

Wednesday's Finest did a terrific job in bringing the Shaolin Cowboy to life. The details in his outfit and weapons are amazing. 

 Being a vinyl figure, the Shaolin Cowboy really does not have any articulation. He was designed to be a collectible vinyl piece. 

 The 14" Shaolin Cowboy regular edition comes with his gun and sword.   

As we mentioned earlier, this is a special edition of only 10 pieces.  It comes with a 2" King Crab that has amazing details in the body and claws. 

We are definitely glad to finally have purchased the 14" Shaolin Cowboy vinyl figure from Wednesday's Finest. The figure was created by Monster 5. This King Crab edition did have a much higher price tag attached, but it was extremely limited to only 10 pieces and it did come with an amazing Geof Darrow sketch. 

If you are reading the Shaolin Cowboy series from Dark Horse Comics, you know how epic it has been especially with his long stick attached with chainsaws at each end. We do hope to see a new Shaolin Cowboy figure to come out with this weapon. 

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