Thursday, February 27, 2014

Turok #2 Steampunk Cover from Dynamite Entertainment

Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter is already an incredible success, with the first issue having sold out at Diamond, in advance of being in-stores. Fortunately Dynamite readers, we are providing a second printing shipping in-time to be in stores with issue #2. In advance of Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter #2, as an extra incentive for retailers to order these comics, Dynamite is offering Steampunk versions of the #2 cover in color and b/w! Both the #1 second printing and Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter #2 will be in-stores on March 5th! Here's a First Look of the Second Printing #1 cover and both versions of the steampunk covers.

 "I'm so grateful to the retailers who are supporting the book so enthusiastically," says writer Greg Pak. "And much love to our artist Mirko Colak, our colorist Lauren Affe, and our letter Marshall Dillon, who are going above and beyond making the book look like nothing else on the shelves. And of course a huge tip of the hat to editor Nate Cosby and all the crazy kids at Dynamite who are hustling so hard to make this entire Gold Key line something special."
"What a great way to begin the Gold Key Universe," adds series Editor Nate Cosby. "Greg, Mirko, Lauren, Marshall and all of the amazing cover artists got us off to an incredible start, and the amount of people responding to the story has been such a joy to see. Here's hoping just as many people pick up MAGNUS in March, SOLAR in April, and SPEKTOR in May!"

"Greg Pak is a masterful world-builder and this series is a prime example of how it's done," says Dynamite Senior Editor Joseph Rybandt. "It's especially nice to be rewarded at the retail level for all the hard work and more thanks are owed to the entire creative team and Nate Cosby whose running the day-today ops of the Gold Key launch!"

Written by Greg Pak (Batman/Superman) and drawn by Mirko Colak, Dynamite is putting out a book that is unlike anything else on the comic rack! Thanks for all of your support for our launch of the Gold Key Universe!

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