Friday, January 3, 2014

Watson and Holmes: A Study in Black

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The game is afoot – in Harlem 
Reinvented Sherlock Holmes Trade Paperback Hits Stores

New Paradigm Studios announced today the release of their new trade Watson and Holmes: A Study in Black (ISBN 1939516013). The book is a reinterpretation of the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Series with an African American crime solving duo set in modern day Harlem. The trade paperback collects the first 5 issues and is available on Amazon, Comixology, and in local comic stores and contains a bonus cover gallery.

New Paradigm Studios CEO, Brandon Perlow explains, “ We started with amazing characters for sure, but it's what we did with them that makes it unique. One eye is always on continuity and the other gets to explore the topics that don't change with time. Evil, honor, and respect are timeless.”

What people are saying about Watson and Holmes:
I would recommended this to any longtime Sherlock Holmes fan, who will recognize and appreciate the little nods to original continuity, but also to those readers who are not familiar with classic Holmes stories, but just like good crime fiction...5 Stars”- Chacebook
 “I do like this version of Sherlock Holmes very much, but I'm an easy sell when it comes some of my favorite characters.” Sheena McNeil- Sequential Tart

About Watson and Holmes: A Study In Black
Collecting the entire first arc of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson re-envisioning as African Americans living in New York City's famous Harlem district. Watson, an Afghanistan war vet, works in an inner-city clinic; Holmes, a local P.I. who takes unusual cases. When one of them ends up in Watson's emergency room, the unlikely duo strike up a partnership to find a missing girl. Watson & Holmes bump heads along the way as they enter a labyrinth of drugs, guns, gangs and a conspiracy that goes higher and deeper than they could have imagined. Containing epilogue issue #5 as well as chock full of extra material on the evolution of a new classic.

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