Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Art of Todd Robey at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo 2013

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo 2013 was last weekend and it was another incredible event! We always enjoy attending panels and visiting some of our favorite exhibitors, which include some of our favorite comic companies and artists. We also enjoy the opportunity to meet new exhibitors and artists that catch our eye when walking the convention floors. One of those artists that would definitely catch my attention at Comikaze Expo would be the art of Todd Robey. He had a painting that captured my attention because of being a big Walking Dead fan. 

This was truly an incredible painting of The Walking Dead fan favorite Michonne and her Pets. It was great to see Michonne in Todd Robey's unique style in this 3 dimensional view painting. 

It would not stop here! We had to ask him to take pictures of his incredible works. 

It is truly amazing how many artists we may miss at Comic Cons, Pop Culture, and Art events. We were definitely fortunate to truly take the time to walk by and appreciate the art of Todd Robey. 

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