Friday, November 29, 2013

Image Comics Chew Series Black Friday Exclusive "Souvenirs From Paradise" from Skelton Crew Studio

Fans of Image Comics Chew series are in for a very special treat from Skelton Crew Studio for Black Friday! The Skelton Crew Studio has been creating very amazing replicas for favorite comic series as Hellboy, Locke and Key, Mouse Guard, and of course Chew with the Chogs. Well, the creativity just got more interesting in definitely a first with a replica Apron from the pages of Chew. 
A little something to remember Yamapalu by.

These Souvenirs From Paradise have sprung from the pages of John Layman and Rob Guillory's popular "CHEW," published by Image.

Included: A "Kiss the Chow" adjustable-neck apron, a replica of the one worn by Yamapalu's most popular chef, from the Paradise View Resort and Hotel gift shop; a white Paradise View spa swag bag; Gallsaberry-scented* soap swiped from a hotel room bathroom; and a postcard from Yamapalu signed by John Layman and Rob Guillory.

The souvenir pack is hand-numbered, limited to 199 pieces.
It's the kind of stuff a friend would give you after house-sitting.

But a really cool (OK, and cheap) friend.
Not guaranteed to come with beach sand.

Made in the USA
* Not really Gallsaberry-scented.

The Souvenirs From Paradise set is now available for Pre-Order at Skelton Crew Studio. There are is still a limited amount of Pink Chogs still available as well at a special Black Friday price. 

10% to 20% off site-wide, with the exception of pre-orders, also starting at midnight on Black Friday thru Dec. 7. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, use the code CREW5 at checkout and also receive $5 off every order.

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