Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kidrobot Munny Custom "Smooches" Created by Obscure

Angry Koala Gear's Matt Perez aka Obscure has been creating many customs using most forms of platforms from Disney Vinylmations, Funko POP!s, Angry Koala Gear's very own Cthulhu Chameleons and Sporez, Kidrobot Munny's, and more. Obscure has been on a rampage lately creating, creating, and creating! 

Obscure's newest custom is "Smooches". Here is a description of his newest piece. 

"Smooches" - This grotesque and scary creature comes from the scary side of Obscure's imagination.  Obscure loves horror movies.  When he first started doing custom toys, he only did horror inspired characters, using Disney Vinylmations.  He moved onto Kidrobot Munnys, when he decided to try his hand at Kidrobot's annual custom contest.  He has returned to his love of horrific creations after a long break, with his newest custom, which he has humorously titled, "Smooches."  Don't let the title fool you, this is one character you would not want to kiss.  It was inspired by the ballerina from Cabin in the Woods and the monsters of Silent Hill.  His face is replaced by a nightmare inducing mouth.  His body is full of stitches, one claw, and one seemingly amputated arm.  Truly a face, only a horror movie mom could love.  Sweet dreams! 

If you want to see more of Obscure's work, just visit Obscure's Corner on our site! Most of his customs are available in our StoreEnvy

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