Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Star Wars #1 Preview from Dark Horse

We attended the Star Wars Dark Horse Comics panel this past March at WonderCon. We got great updates in the ongoing series in Star Wars, but would also learn about George Lucas's original rough draft screenplay of what he had envisioned and that it would finally come to life in The Star Wars series coming later this year. The time has come and Dark Horse has come through for the Star Wars fans with this series to begin this September 4th!! We are extremely excited and looking forward to picking it up. Here is the latest from Dark Horse with a sneak preview.

Before Star Wars, there was The Star Wars! This is the authorized adaptation of George Lucas’s rough-draft screenplay of what would eventually become a motion picture that would change the world.

 Annikin Starkiller is the hero . . . Luke Skywalker is a wizened Jedi general . . . Han Solo is a big green alien . . . and the Sith . . . Well, the Sith are still the bad guys. High adventure and derring-do from longer ago, in a galaxy even further away!
Preview Pages in The Star Wars #1

* Official adaptation of George Lucas’s original screenplay for Star Wars!
* Features regular, variant, and ultravariant covers!

Dark Horse Comics, The Star Wars #1 will be in stores Wednesday, September 4th. The series is written by J.W. Rinzler, the art by Mike Mayhew, the colors by Rain Beredo and Brad Anderson, and the cover artist is Nick Runge. 

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