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Second Thrilling Chapter of Dynamite's Six-Part Miss Fury "Digital First" Serial Debuts This Week on Comixology

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Dynamite Entertainment proudly announces that Miss Fury: Digital First, a special six-part serialized story available through Comixology, debuts its second chapter this week.  Building upon the surprise bestseller Miss Fury printed comic book series, theDigital First storyline pits one of the world's earliest comic book heroines against time-lost enemies during World War II.  Written by Rob Williams, Miss Fury: Digital First is available in individual chapters on a bi-weekly basis, priced at a bargain $0.99 per chapter.

"We wanted to make the Miss Fury: Digital First storyline distinct from the ongoing Miss Furyseries," says Rob Williams, writer of both the regular printed series and its digital-first counterpart. "The regular monthly is a character piece; I'm really intent on getting into Miss Fury's head there.  But in Digital First, there's a bit more pure pulp adventure.  Think of these digital shorts as Republic serials.  Lots of action, lots of cliffhangers, and big, fun concepts... like time-traveling Roman centurions and dinosaurs.  They're short, sharp, self-enclosed blasts of pulp fun."

Set in the World War II era, Miss Fury: Digital First pits the masked crimefighter against Krampus, a Nazi time agent intent on unleashing time-lost threats in Manhattan.  With space-age technology, man-eating dinosaurs, a platoon of Roman centurions, and other menaces popping up from the Bronx to the Battery, wealthy socialite Marla Drake's alter-ego has her hands full.

Regarding her appearance in a digital platform over 70 years after her creation, writer Rob Williams remarks, "It's fun to take one of the original super heroines, a character so firmly rooted in the 1940s, and then to show her via this 21st century digital medium. Give the character a new lease of life."

Dynamite's schedule of release for each digital chapter is as follows:

Chapter #1:  On-Sale Now at Comixology, featuring artwork by Wagner Reis

Chapter #2:  On-Sale Now at Comixology, featuring artwork by Johnny Desjardins

Chapter #3:  On-Sale 8/21/13, featuring artwork by Fritz Casas

Chapter #4:  On-Sale 9/4/13, featuring artwork by Fritz Casas

Chapter #5:  On-Sale 9/18/13, featuring artwork by Fritz Casas

Chapter #6:  On-Sale 10/2/13, featuring artwork by Fritz Casas

Comixology will exclusively offer the content of Miss Fury: Digital First for a limited time.  Dynamite plans to release the story in printed comic format as a two-part miniseries, with its first issue launching in comic book hobby shops on August 21, 2013.

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