Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boom! Studios Launches Artist Submissions Facebook Page

Fans and aspiring artists always ask us what the best way is to get their work seen by an editor, and now BOOM! Studios has updated our process to make it easier than ever.
BOOM! Studios has launched an Artist Submissions page ( on Facebook in order to create a venue for artists to submit their work and have it seen by the BOOM! Studios editorial team.
WHAT IT IS: The Artist Submissions Facebook Page is a place for artists (pencilers, inkers, colorists, letterers) to post samples of their work. (Please note that this page is strictly for artists and ALL unsolicited writing submissions will not be reviewed.)
HOW IT WORKS: Upload examples of your work for the BOOM! Studios Editorial staff to review. Post all art samples in the Timeline. DO NOT SEND MESSAGES. Make sure to provide your contact information. BOOM! does not respond directly to the posts or messages. BOOM! has hired a number of artists this way and will contact you if there is interest.
Additionally, the BOOM! Studios editorial staff will regularly post helpful hints and advice for artists to improve their craft on the Facebook page.
"I'm really excited about this new initiative," said Managing Editor Bryce Carlson. "Not only is the BOOM! Studios Artist Submissions Page an amazing opportunity for aspiring artists, colorists, and letterers to get their samples in front of BOOM! editors on a regular basis and find helpful tips and advice, it's also a great community for creators to interact and learn from each other. Finding new talent is awesome, but providing a home for people to grow and learn together is what really makes this so special."

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