Friday, August 2, 2013

Alien ReAction Figures Pre-orders Now Up at Super7

In 1979, prototypes for 3 ¾” action figures for the ALIEN film were developed but never manufactured. Through our network of industry and collector contacts, Super7 has unearthed reference material and original 34-year-old prototypes and will now make these “lost toys” a reality.

Under authorization from 20th Century Fox, Super7 will produce the full series of ALIEN toys as part of our ReAction Figure Series (Retro-Action). Each is stylized exactly as items from the “golden age” of action figures with approximately five points of articulation, accessories, and period-authentic blister card packaging.

Collect all five ReAction Figures -
• THE ALIEN (“BIG CHAP”) – w/ removable transparent dome, extendable jaws and glow-in-the-dark head!
• RIPLEY – w/ Flame Thrower
• ASH – w/ Motion Detector
• DALLAS – w/ Flame Thrower
• KANE in NOSTROMO SPACESUIT – w/ removable helmet and transparent visor

If you missed out on the Early Bird kit exclusive that was available at San Diego Comic Con, Super7 has great news for those who want to by the five Alien ReAction figures! They are now available for pre-order here, minus the SDCC Early Bird kit.

Super7 has also made the Alien Pint Glasses available for pre-order. 

In space, no one can hear your order at the “Fast Food” drive thru..

These four glasses present a memorable scene from the movie on the front side, featuring colorful artwork created exclusively for this Gift Set. The backs reveal the four-part lifecycle of the Xenomorph – the menacing ALIEN creature itself.
This collectible set includes:

Each 16 ounce Pint Glass measures approximately 5 ¾” tall. Perfect for use in your kitchen, home bar, or dining area of The Nostromo.

$49.99 set of 4 glasses in a boxed set.

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