Monday, July 1, 2013


Direct from Roddenberry...

Roddenberry Entertainment, a company long steeped in fandom and sci-fi history, including the legendary Star Trek, today announced WORTH, a new graphic novel from Arcana. The extraordinary story of Grant Worth will come to life on September 4, 2013 via a beautifully designed hardcover book as well as digital download. This new graphic novel, written by Aubrey Sitterson with art and cover by Chris Moreno, gives readers a look into what happens when a superhero can no longer be super.

WORTH is the heartfelt, dynamic story of Grant Worth, Motor City’s most iconic hero. During the 1960’s, Worth’s mechanopathy (the power to control machines) made him a legendary figure in Detroit, a true hometown hero. Throughout late adolescence and early adulthood this ability brought Worth fame, adulation and prosperity. However, in the late 20th century technology evolved by leaps and bounds with the advent of computer chips, motherboards and microprocessors. Worth found his ability and himself becoming obsolete. Unable to break through the maze of 1s and 0s that became the gateway to most machinery, Grant Worth went from super-hero to somewhat-normal. And this is only the beginning.

Attendees at next month’s Comic-Con International: San Diego will have the unique opportunity to get a preview of WORTH. Exclusive printed editions of the first chapter of this new graphic novel will be available at the Roddenberry Entertainment and Arcana booths throughout the four day event, ahead of its wide release date.

Rod Roddenberry, CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, and son of the legendary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, offered, “In addition to introducing a compelling hero to the world, and providing  readers with an exciting new story, we’re thrilled to be telling a story that deals with one of today’s most provocative issues, man’s relationship with technology. WORTH represents the very heart and soul of our mission to continue to create thought-provoking entertainment and we’re excited for fans to dive in.”

Sean O'Reilly, Founder and CEO of Arcana Studio shared, “Arcana Studio is delighted to be working with Roddenberry Entertainment to bring such a unique tale to comic book, superhero, and science fiction fans. From a fast-paced and intelligent story to gorgeous artwork, this book has it all, and is a must-have!”

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