Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Walking Dead Escape San Diego Was Exciting and Exhilarating

San Diego Comic Con was this past weekend and it was another amazing year filled with great excitement and fun. The Walking Dead just celebrated 10 years in the comic series in a big way filled with great events, panels, and signings. One event we were looking forward to returning this year at San Diego Comic Con would be The Walking Dead Escape thanks to Skybound and AMC. We had a blast last year in running through this incredibly big obstacle course going through Petco Park being chased by Walkers and trying to prevent from becoming infected. Unfortunately, I did not make it alive last year, so we had to give it another try to survive. 

Thanks to The Walking Dead Escape, we would be able to experience bringing The Walking Dead to life once again. 

 The Survivors are excited and ready to enter the world of The Walking Dead Escape San Diego.

We have entered a safe zone and are being given instructions. 

The outbreak has begun and chaos has come a stir.  

Every Survivor for themselves at this point.  

Everywhere we turned, the Walkers seemed to follow. 

 He was determined to get us.

 The obstacles were even tougher. 

 This was terrific where this guy was once a Survivor, but was caught. 

She would put us out of our misery of knowing that we were infected. 

The Walking Dead Escape San Diego 2013 was incredible and exciting! It was a definite adrenaline rush running through this amazing obstacle course filled with danger, and chaos. Just when we thought the first Walking Dead Escape last year was very impressive, they topped it this year with even more obstacles, Walkers, and thrills. 

Here is our video footage while going through The Walking Dead Escape San Diego 2013:

Thanks to The Walking Dead Escape, Skybound, and AMC for giving us and fellow Walking Dead fans another special treat. 

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