Sunday, July 28, 2013

SDCC 2013: Predator 3D Blu-ray Limited Edition from Twentieth Century Fox

Nothing like it has ever been at San Diego Comic Con before, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brought an iconic franchise to San Diego with the original Predator. In a first of its kind, fans were able to have their photo taken with state of the art cameras courtesy of 3D Systems. Their image would be used to make them a victim as a customized figurine by using 3D Systems 3D printing technology that featured the Predator alien holding the fans' severed head. 

The figurine was only available to fans that purchased and pre-ordered the Predator Blu-ray 3D exclusively to SDCC attendees in a limited edition Predator head for $129.99. These were limited to only 500 sets. A headless limited edition Blu-ray 3D set was also available for $49.99. 

We were also able to get a first look at the all new 3D transfer of the film before it arrives on Blu-ray 3D this December. 

 Had a chance to capture a picture of the Predator walking around the Twentieth Century Fox booth. 

The Predator would catch me off guard! 

The fans that were lucky to place their order on the Predator Blu-ray 3D Predator Head edition were in for a treat and definitely have something to add to their collection that will have everyone talking about them. We can not wait to have Predator Blu-ray 3D this December! 

Thanks to the Twentieth Century Fox team for giving us an opportunity to stop at the booth for some shots and info on the Limited Edition sets. 

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