Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SDCC 2013: Funko Announces Their Third Wave of San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

One more week to go until San Diego Comic Con! Funko has released their third wave of SDCC exclusives.

Funko has released their first Wacky Wobbler exclusives that will be found at their booth #5343 with "Metallic" finishes.

Wacky Wobbler MOTU "Metallic" Skeletor

Wacky Wobbler "Metallic" 1960's Batman 

Yes, that is Adam West! 

Domo and DC Comics fans should be in for a treat. 

Funko Pop! "Metallic" Domo as Batman

Funko Pop! "Metallic" Domo as the Man of Steel

Funko Pop! Black Suit Superman

Funko Pop! Bloody Rorschach

Last, but not least what can San Diego Comic Con be without the party pleaser?

Funko Pop! MOTU Disco Skeletor

Stay tuned for the fourth wave of Funko SDCC exclusives to be revealed tomorrow. 

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