Friday, July 12, 2013

MissyMToyz: SDCC releases, signing schedule, and contribution for Beefy & Co's custom show, "The Ghost Within Us"

Two great things about attending and/or exhibiting at conventions is networking and making new friends.  One of our new friends, goes by the name of MissyMToyz.  MissyMToyz is one of the artists that was chosen to participate in Beefy & Co's second group exhibition, "The Ghost Within Us." The exhibition will be on display at Beefy & Co's booth (#5646) at the San Diego Comic Con.  This show features customs of Beefy & Co's own, Ghost Tribe Warrior vinyl figure.  Aside from contributing her custom, "The Soul Collector", MissyMToyz will have some other goodies for sale during her signings and throughout the Con.  The other items will include her limited custom series of "Archangels" (custom 3" munny), "Sock Monkeys" (custom 3" dunny), and her solid resin "Lil Buddhas." 

"The Soul Collector"  - $198
The Archangels are hand beaded 3" custom munny figures with angel wings.  They come in black, silver, and rose gold.  Only 4 of each color will be available at the Con, but MissyMToyz will be taking custom color orders.  They are $38 each, or 3 for $100.  Awesome price if you ask me!

The Sock Monkey is a 3" dunny, turned into a sock monkey, which has had an ear bitten off by a dog.  Sock Monkey was originally made for a dog charity event, Dunny for Dogs, which will be held at Kidrobot SF.  Due to the high demand, MissyMToyz has decided to make a run of 18 monkeys for this series, only 6 of which, will be available at SDCC.  Each piece is hand painted and crafted by Missy herself.  It has real button eyes, yarn hair, and stuffing from the ear, which was repurposed from a dog toy.  Get your Sock Monkey dunny for just $50! 

A little background on MissyMToyz...  MissyMToyz is new to the designer/art toy scene, but has already accomplished goals that some seasoned artists have yet to accomplish.  One of those goals was met when her Lil Buddha was picked up and sold at popular toy stores/galleries such as the Toy Art Gallery.  As a matter of fact, her Little Buddha was produced in sold resin, from her VERY FIRST custom!  You can't knock her hustle!  Lil Buddha will have a special reduced price for SDCC of just $138!  So be smart at get yours at the con!  To stay up-to-date with MissyMToyz and all of her future projects, follow her on her facebook page and on her instagram, @marisa777. 

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