Monday, July 22, 2013

Legendary's Godzilla Encounter at SDCC 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013 has wrapped up and it was another amazing year! Having attended for over 10 years now, it is hard to believe what can always be added for the excitement. Last year, we attended the Legendary/Warner Brothers panel in Hall H for Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, and The Hobbit. We would get a great added bonus with the intro to Legendary's Godzilla that will be in theatres next May 16, 2014. We knew there would definitely be some Godzilla presence this year at SDCC, but Legendary brought something much larger than we could ever dream, the Godzilla Encounter. Legendary would create the Godzilla Encounter for the fans and it was an amazing experience. 

The Godzilla Encounter was off-site from the San Diego Comic Con and created in the Gaslamp Quarters. The outside of the building had a great mural of what appears to be Godzilla and warning signs that we will be entering a "radioactive zone".  What could be more fitting to know that we would also be encountering the "King of Monsters" himself. 

The Legendary staff would give us some details of what we should be prepared for and that we would get the chance to walk the streets of Tokyo. We would be allowed to take pictures as we walk in Tokyo, but not be allowed to take pictures or video after a certain point where we would get an amazing treat. 

Something told us that we would not be alone on these streets. 

Toho's original props as featured in the first ever Godzilla film Gojira (1954). 

What could be more fitting than to see the Original Gojira himself!

The sets were truly beautiful in the Godzilla Encounter to give us the feeling that we were walking on the streets of Tokyo with great sound effects and a Sushi restaurant with actual Sushi Chef. 

There was so much detail put into the Godzilla Encounter that it was hard to believe this was only a set filled with great memorabilia from the many great Godzilla films from the past. 

This would truly be one of my favorite points inside Godzilla Encounter. A tornado of hundreds of  comic book pages from many different Godzilla comics from Marvel to Dark Horse to IDW. What could be more fitting than to include this beautiful sculpture made of comic books at San Diego Comic Con. 

This last room would feature many of the Godzilla toys and collectibles that have been created over the years. A Godzilla collector's dream! 

At this point is where we wandered around for a few minutes to see the detail in the streets of Tokyo, but soon get a warning where the streets would be shut down for us to evacuate to safety because the King of Monsters, Godzilla was near. This is where we would not be allowed to get any coverage of any kind. We can tell you though that we ended up in a control room where we got to play with gadgets and an interactive control board. As Godzilla was coming near, we had to be taken to an elevator that would hopefully get us to safety. We would exit the elevator to see him first hand walking between the buildings and Godzilla would come face to face with us. Let me tell you, the sound system was truly amazing to be able to hear the roar of Godzilla. 

The Godzilla Encounter was definitely one of our top highlights for San Diego Comic Con 2013. The "Encounter" helped to bring back many great memories of watching the original Godzilla films and wanting to watch them again to get into gear to watch Legendary's Godzilla next year. 

We were fortunate to be able to interview Barnaby Legg of Legendary who helped to create the Godzilla Encounter. 

The Godzilla Encounter also had an amazing app created to see special hidden pictures throughout. There were a total of 5 pictures that had hidden encoded messages that would open Godzilla concept artwork.

The Godzilla Encounter was amazing and we thank Legendary Pictures, Barnaby Legg, and Adam Fenton. 

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