Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Homie Zombies at SDCC 2013

Who remembers buying the little Homies plastic figurines in the vending machines at the grocery stores back in the late 90's? We can say we definitely remember placing our quarters in the machine to try to buy that figure we were missing. Homies were truly amazing because they were a better version than the Army Men we use to play with growing up and were a cultural delight to see these very cool characters. 

Well, great news for the fans and collectors of the Homies! As we were in the Super7 line anxiously waiting to purchase our ReAction Figures Alien Early Bird kits, we looked across the aisle and saw the Homie Zombies banner. I was thinking to myself, I wonder if this happens to be the same people that created the Homies. We walked across to take to look to see what they offered and there they were, Homies, but this time Zombie style. 

It was great to see the Homies come back to life, well not really... more like "undead". We got to meet the creator of the Homies, David Gonzales and his son Anthony Gonzales who has created the Homie Zombies. The Homie Zombies are still in the works right now and they are currently looking to sell them at various collectors shops. The Homie Zombies will have that familiar look like the Homies, but with a Zombie twist and will be larger than the old 2" figures we would buy in the vending machines. We look forward to seeing the Homies return in the Homie Zombies line. 

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