Friday, July 26, 2013

Aspen Comics Michael Turner's Fathom Omnibus Now Available on ComiXology

Aspen Comics is now offering Michael Turner’s best-selling Fathom series in Omnibus format on Comixology, available now in conjunction with the release of the All New Fathom #1 this week in stores. Fans and new readers looking to catch up on the fifteen-year run of Fathom can begin with The Fathom Omnibus: Volume 1, collecting both Michael Turner’s original first volume run of Fathom as well as the sold-out second volume of the series. The Fathom Omnibus #1 includes over 25 issues and is offered for $35.99

The Fathom Omnibus: Volume 2 includes both the third and fourth volumes of Fathom leading up to the All New Fathom #1 released this week as part of the publishers “10 for 10” initiative, and following the weekly summer event, Fathom: The Elite Saga. The Fathom Omnibus: Volume 2 features over 20 issues of Fathom and is offered at $29.99.

Michael Turner’s Fathom celebrates 15 years in 2013, and Aspen will be revealing more Fathom news throughout the year. For more information please check:

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